We ran a $575 Social Media Campaign. Here’s What Happened

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It all started two weeks ago when we hired a new software developer. Right after his interview, our CEO comes out and says, "That guy looks just like Salt Bae!" If you're not aware who [...]

4 Ideas For Gathering New Reviews

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Reviews are the looking glass into a business. Unfortunately, negative experiences compel people to leave reviews more than positive experiences do. Your business may satisfy 99/100 customers! Guess who will leave a review? The one [...]

What’s the deal with Millennials?

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Seriously. What’s the deal? Never has there been a more divisive generation, especially when it comes to the economy. No one can decide whether millennials are hardworking or lazy, entitled or intelligent, revolutionary or traditional. [...]

So you’re a new Web/UX Designer? Me too.

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I have always been into design and art. I’ve written another article that talks about that story more in depth. I had my first my graphic design internship at 16 in Southern California, and 5 years later [...]

Olive Garden: A Case Study in Authenticity, Quality, and Popularity

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Depending on why you started your company, authenticity and quality may mean everything to you. Or, it may mean nothing. Our bet is that it does matter. You're a small business owner with skin in [...]

The Instagram Guide for Small Business

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Instagram can be one of the most daunting platforms for small businesses. While it's easy to get jealous of other successful brands and personalities who get thousands of likes, know this right away: gaining a [...]

Hire For Culture: Creating the Ideal Job Ad and Application

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Hiring. It’s not fun. In fact, it can be incredibly stressful. Especially as you turn the corner on scaling your business, adding committed and passionate people to your team may seem completely daunting. Finding and [...]

3 Ways Successful Business Owners are using the JJUMPP Springboard

By | July 28th, 2017|Online Presence Mangement|

The JJUMPP Springboard is up and running. Already, business owners are taking control of their online presence with JJUMPP's software. The Springboard is a data and publishing tool for small business. It won’t tell you [...]

Facebook or Instagram: Why You Should Do Both

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If you Google search "Facebook vs. Instagram" you're likely to pull up a 100 blog posts debating the merits of both social media platforms. This debate, at least in our minds, is a little ridiculous. [...]

3 Steps for Small Business Success on Facebook

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If you're considering starting a company Facebook page, or, if your Facebook page isn't working like you'd want it, review these three steps for maximizing your success. Step 1: Set Up a Complete Page Like [...]