It’s a Family Thing

Here at JJUMPP, we care about our about customers, our product, and each other. We’ve dedicated ourselves to showing business owners legible data about their interactions with customers online. We will continue to innovate according to the needs of the business owners we partner with. Scroll down to learn more about our leadership team and our company values.

What We Believe In

We empower small businesses.

We approach change with optimism.

We help one another grow.

We are the underdogs.

We follow through with exactness.

We refrain from entitlement.

We do what we say we will do.

We are honest.

Our Mission


Who We Believe In

Chad is the CEO of JJUMPP. He strongly believes that you should never make decisions based on fear. While that means making bold decisions for the business, it also means he’s a bit reckless on his dirtbike. He enjoys traveling with his beautiful wife and working with the team here at JJUMPP.
Not only is Amber our COO, she is also our office free throw star! Her guiding philosophy is “listen to understand” before responding. Amber is an adventure junky and loves activities such as skydiving and longboarding. She secretly binge eats hot cheetos in her office, but is always happy to share!
When Nathan isn’t managing the development of JJUMPP's products, he is working on his 1968 Chevelle or in the garden. He truly believes that you should never ever give up; if something needs to get done, you get it done. Nathan loves social events with friends and family.. Ironically enough, he hates computers yet he works on them every single day.
Easily the best dressed member of the executive team, James brings the same attention to JJUMPP's marketing content. He has started two tech companies, the first of which he sold as a sophomore in college, and the second was acquired by JJUMPP. He’s also worked as a program director for the John Volken Academy. When he isn’t in the office, James is spending time with his wife and daughter.
Often referred to the office ping pong champion, Brittany is our ‘numbers girl.’ She takes care of the payroll, finances, and is the CEO’s right hand woman. When Brittany is not working she is either ripping it up on the soccer field or hanging out with her family. She strives to work hard and be her best self, ignoring the haters.
Truman is our resident geek. He is a passionate creator and user experience designer. He loves watching sci-fi movies with the subtitles on, being outdoors (but only if no grasshoppers are guaranteed) and building things. Truman believes that you should always ‘be present’ no matter what you are doing. Truman married his high school sweet-heart in May of this year.
Dan loves code. In fact, in his spare time he researches new technology and watches tutorials. The most rewarding part of his job is building a software that helps small businesses. One day, Dan hopes to build the next Facebook, or at least something of equal importance. Stay around the office late enough and you’ll probably see Dan still coding.
She might claim youngest in the office but Isabella plays a key role as the Team Lead of Customer Care. One day she hopes to own a swimwear company in Hawaii. Work is most rewarding when she sees customers develop the skills to operate the software independently. Outside of work, she’s most likely hanging with her friends and family, playing some basketball, or writing some poetry.
Oscar is a man for the people, and the people love Oscar. He loves leading the sales team, inspiring them with his motto: Anything is possible if you really want it that bad. He’s an unabashed lover of video games. You can find him at a baseball game or home with his family relaxing. His favorite part of the job is helping the other sales agents and business owners have success.
Will is a true renaissance man. Not only is he skilled in web development, but he loves hockey, skateboarding, wakeboarding, volleyball, reading, and most importantly, playing cards. Will loves the satisfaction of publishing something that represents the company. His motto? “There is nothing that I can’t master.”
From aesthetics school to software – that’s Olivia Merritt. You’ll usually find her at the front desk day dreaming of the beach. Out of the office, she loves to shop, do makeup, and hangout with her friends. “Shut up and just try,” is her mantra as she strives to be her best personally and professionally. Oh, and if you ask her, the Rock definitely deserves to be the Sexiest Man Alive every year.

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